Research Outline

Amazon Seller Persona


Create a customer persona for an Amazon seller in the US.
  • Specifically, who and where these sellers are.
  • The types of seller categories.
  • Revenue groupings (based on GMV).
  • The number of Amazon sellers.

Early Findings

Data Availability

  • Our initial search shows that there is adequate information to fully address the client request.

Early Findings

A detailed breakdown of revenue earned (per month) with the percentage of sellers is as follows.

Under $500 -17%
$501-$1,000 -9%
$1,001 $5,000 -20%
$5,001 $10,000 -13%
$10,001 $25,000 -12%
$25,001 $50,000 -10%
$50,001 $100,000 -5%
$100,001 $250,000 -5%
More than $250,000 -6%
I don’t know -4%

- 3P Sellers (private label, brands, onsellers, retailers)
- FBA (fulfillment by Amazon)
- FBM (Fulfilled By Merchant)
- 1P Sales
- Amazon Vendors

Other Findings
  • Assuming that an item on Amazon costs $26.86 on average, and that buyers purchase only 1 item from a seller per month, we can estimate that a typical seller has around 37 customers a month ($1000/$26.86).
  • According to Business Insider, the typical Amazon customer is 46, white, and female.


The above findings is a summary of what we have found related to Amazon sellers in our initial search. We have briefly touched on each part of the request and we can continue this research for a more in-depth analysis of each area. Specifically, we can provide a demographic analysis of Amazon sellers, detailed breakdown of their GMV/earnings, and an overview of each seller category with percentage distributions. As an additional path of research, we can also provide an analysis of the types of products sold by Amazon sellers with the percentage breakdown of each category.

For the purpose of this research we have assumed that customer personas of Amazon sellers refers to the sellers themselves, rather than the customers of Amazon sellers. Please clearly indicate below if this assumption requires alteration.