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To obtain a profile of cacti/succulents with specific information on their planting, watering, soil and sunlight requirements, pruning, fertilizing, pests, diseases, and freeze care. The data will be entered into the attached spreadsheet as usable information to help gardeners understand more about the plants they own and how to care for them.

Early Findings

Category Description

Planting and Care Instructions

  • Watering: It is important to water once a week, especially if you have the plants in a container that has drainage holes, water thoroughly once a week during the active growth period.
  • On the other hand, if the container has no drainage holes, one can water just water a little bit to moisten the soil and not have the water pool up at the bottom of the container. It helps to prevent the rotting of the plants.
  • When watering, it is essential to drench the soil thoroughly and allow it to become dry for days before the next watering.
  • Lighting: For the plant’s health, place them in a brightly lit part of the window, in the south-facing area indoors. Outdoor, place the plants in an area with bright, indirect light.
  • In case there inadequate lighting, etiolation will cause the plant to become leggy as it stretches in the direction of the light source.
  • Soil Requirements: Cacti/Succulents thrive in soils that are adequately aerated and fast draining. A mixture of soil and pumice of perlite and work well with the plants.

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