Building a Criteria for Ideal Customers


Identify commonalities from previous research on customers and applicants to understand what criteria best characterizes an ideal customer in order to start to screen for and qualify incoming leads.

Early Findings

  • The data from the files shared during the initial conversation are within the attached spreadsheet.
  • Some general criteria suggested for building an ideal customer profile include annual revenue, number of employees, industry vertical, sales footprint, company life cycle, technical infrastructure, and senior leadership changes.
  • This paper provides a framework for coming up with an ideal customer profile.
  • Some lead generation techniques include using a variety of content (to spur engagement), narrowing the focus by using predictive marketing, and diversifying inbound marketing.
  • Some practical tips to begin to identify leads includes website tracking because when “leads browse through various product pages or pricing pages, [it means] they could be thinking of doing business with you.”

Proposed next steps:

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