Nokia Company Analysis


To find additional information on the business units under Nokia. Information to be searched for will include financial information such as revenue and profits, specific product lines and key products/services that fall under each business unit, what the products/services do/provide, and information on each business unit's customers are.

Early Findings

Company Structure

  • Nokia is divided into four business segments i.e. Nokia Networks, Nokia Software, Nokia Technologies, and Group Common and Other.
  • Nokia reports revenue information for the above four business segments on a quarterly and yearly basis. Consequently, these business segments can be assumed to be Nokia's major business units.
  • Nokia's biggest business segment is Nokia Networks, which is divided into Mobile Access, Fixed Access, IP Routing, and Optical Networks. In terms of size, Nokia Networks is followed by Nokia Software, then Nokia Technologies, and Group Common and Other.
  • Additionally, the company is also divided into seven business groups i.e. Mobile Networks, Fixed Networks, Nokia Software, Nokia Technologies, Global Services, IP/Optical Networks, and Nokia Enterprise.
  • In 2019, the company did not provide a financial performance breakdown of its seven business groups.




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