Building Permit Review Software


Obtain the specified details of major building permit processing software providers. The information will be used to assess market opportunities for a new business.

Early Findings


  • The Accella company offers its Accella Government software to help manage the processing of government permits.
  • The company has an estimated revenue of $128.8 million and has around 500 employees.
  • It has approximately 2,000 local and state government customers.
  • Over 50% of the biggest cities in the country avail of its permit processing software
  • Some of its customers include the Ventura County in California, the city of Auckland in California, the Deschutes County, the city of Philadelphia, Charlotte County, the District of Columbia, and other jurisdictions.
  • The Avolve Software company provides its Project Dox software to automote the building permit process.
  • The company has an estimated revenue of $25 million and has around 130 employees.
  • The software is used by 150 cities, counties, and states.
  • Some of its clients include the city of Miami in Florida, Fairfax County in Virginia, the city of Houston in Texas, the city of Riverside in California, the city of Phoenix in Arizona, and others


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