Research Proposal

Bulleit Bourbon Drinkers - Demographics & Psychographics


To understand the demographics and psychographics of Bulleit bourbon drinkers, as well as, insights on what makes them different from other whiskey/bourbon drinkers.

Early Findings


  • According to Bulleit's global brand director, the company targets individuals who are interested in "culture, experiences and design." These individuals span all ethnicities, ages, and geographical locations because the brand is inclusive.
  • A lot of bourbon drinkers are similar to rye drinkers. While rye/bourbon drinkers are known to be predominantly men, Bulleit Bourbon mentioned that its drinkers include a lot of women and span diverse age groups and race.


  • According to the New York Times, the stereotypical bourbon/whiskey drinker is a white middle age Southern man or a "blond woman in full Kentucky Derby pastels, holding a mint julep." However, the face of the average whiskey/bourbon drinker is changing.
  • A report by Simmons revealed that Whites make up roughly 73% of bourbon whiskey drinkers while Hispanics account for 11% and African Americans make up 10% of these drinkers.
  • The Simmons report showed that millennials and baby boomers are the main consumer groups for bourbon whiskey drinkers.
  • The report revealed that there is an immediate multicultural opportunity for bourbon whiskey brands as Non-White consumers (Hispanics and African Americans especially) are fueling the bourbon whiskey growth consumption.


  • Several studies owe the recent growth in the bourbon category to an increasing demand from "consumers in every income bracket aged 40 and under." These studies also revealed that women are now enjoying whiskey more than ever.
  • Millennials are supposedly now exploring darker spirits like whiskey.
  • Millennial whiskey drinkers tend to be "very engaged with the brands they love [as they are] interested in the maker, the process, the story."
  • Compared to their parents, millennial whiskey drinkers visit whiskey tastings and distelleries. They also partake in educational programs.
  • As one expert put it, they new face of whiskey drinkers are "young, pierced, and full of wonder."
  • In conclusion, there is little to no difference in people who drink Bulleit bourbon versus whiskey/other bourbon brands.

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