Burger King International Brand Perception


To determine the brand perception of Burger King around the world among millennials and gen z in Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Australia, UK, Spain, and France for purposes on insight mining.

Early Findings

Preliminary research indicates that consumer perception, specifically that of millennials and gen z, of Burger King in the requested countries is not readily available. There are some statistics available for some countries, but not for all. Here's what was found for Brazil and France.


  • The price point of Burger King appeals to Brazilians, who can get a meal for as little as $4, which is prompting " a new habit among Brazilians... of having a sandwich in place of a larger meal."
  • Burger King is the second-largest fast food burger chain in Brazil and the third-largest QSR in terms of the number of restaurants.
  • As of 2017, 69% of Burger King's customers are between the ages of 15 and 34 (gen z and millennials).
  • In terms of brand awareness, 29% of 2017 survey respondents indicated Burger King is a preferred brand compared to 22% in 2016 and 17% in 2015.
  • In terms of overall customer satisfaction, 73.8% of Q1 2018 Burger King customers in Brazil said they were satisfied overall with their experience, an increase over the 67.8% in 2017 and the 57.3% in 2016.
  • In terms of speed of service, 65.1% of Q1 2018 Burger King customers in Brazil said they were satisfied with the speed of service they received at Burger Kings in Brazil, and increase over the 56.9% in 2017 and the 45.3% in 2016.


  • The French find Burger King's advertisements humorous, which has led to a positive perception of the brand.
  • For example, the company often "prints out tweets by its customers with a surprising or funny response on construction tarps," which gets passersby laughing and talking about the brand.
  • Burger King maintains an "intense proximity" with its French customers, which has "served the company’s name well."
  • Burger King is seen as an "elevated brand" in France and is a place where customers linger much longer than they do in the United States.
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