Research Outline

Business Benefits of Crawlers/Scrapers and RPA


To get information about the features and the pricing details of the RPA and web scrapping tools and to know about examples of how companies are benefiting from these technologies.

Early Findings

Our background research unveiled the following information:

Most Popular Robotic Process Automation Tools

Blue Prism

The company offers four primary products in the field of robotic process automation, including Intelligent RPA Platform, Digital Exchange, Decipher, and Process Discovery Tool.
Features of the latest products versions include the following:
  • The platform offers user-friendly data gateways, "a centralized method of extracting data out of Blue Prism for use in external systems."
  • The new model also features work queue analysis, "where users can take snapshots of work queues at user-defined periods to gather critical metrics."
  • The platform is also available in two other professional languages; Japanese and Chinese.
  • With the recent upgrade, users can deploy Blue Prism IPv4 or IPv6 network protocol environments.
  • Product pricing is available on request, it typically costs $ 15000 to $18000 annually (estimated).


The top features of their platform include the following:
  • Users can "efficiently manage their digital workforce of globally deployed robots from a single central location."
  • AI Fabric helps in connecting RPA and data science teams.
  • "Users can borrow from the drag-and-drop library, which consists of more than 300 pre-built automation components; users can integrate automation with business software for simple automation, and advanced development features for the more experienced users."
  • For small teams and individuals, UiPath provides a community edition, which is free of cost. UiPath Enterprise RPA version is for enterprises and its pricing details are available upon request.

Most Popular Web Crawlers/Web Scrapers


  • Scrapy is an open-source web scraper tool, which is entirely free for users. "It is battle-tested, and it is one of the best python web scraping tools for new applications."
  • "In addition, deploying the crawlers is very simple and reliable, the processes can run themselves once they are set up."
  • "As a fully-featured web scraping framework, there are many middleware modules available to integrate various tools and handle various use cases."


  • Additionally, several blogging platforms, including El Útero de Marita (Peruvian news blog) and The Web Follower, have used Scrappy for "scrapping language blogs, news, articles, stories published in different websites, and for downloading public documents from governmental institutions in Peru for data journalism."


  • Parsehub is another popular web scrapping tool, it is also free. It has the following features:
  • "Users can use a fleet of proxies while crawling a website."
  • "Users can automatically collect and store data on ParseHub's servers."
  • "It can be used for industry, marketing, and competitor analysis."

Use Cases

  • Media companies and Blogging websites have been using web scrapping tools for a variety of reasons, including:
  • For scrapping newly published articles on media portals, news sources, and competitor websites.
  • For getting specific keywords related to their blogging themes.
  • To access data extracted from blogs from a wide range of niches topics.