Research Proposal

Ambassador Supply


To obtain information and background on Ambassador Supply, LLC.

Early Findings

Ambassador Supply

  • Ambassador Supply is a group of companies focused on providing building materials and solutions to professional contractors. It was founded in 2012 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • The company has a three pronged mission: Economic Return, Cultural Return, and Eternal Return. In terms of economic return, the company's goal is to have a return on investment income surplus and growth equity. It desires to improve relationships and communities through teamwork, trust, care, and performance. Eternal return will come through in a desire to "grow a relationship with God."
  • Ambassador invests in companies in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, development, general contracting, innovation and technology sectors.
  • The current CEO of Ambassador Supply is Brad Crawford. Paul Gilbert is the current CFO.
  • Current companies in Ambassador's portfolio are Berne Buildings, Country Metals, Dutch Made Custom Cabinetry, Granville Lumber, QSI, Qualiform, Standale Home Studio, Standale Lumber, and Trusco.
  • In 2018, Ambassador Supply had $68 million in revenue, reflecting growth of 152%.
  • Ambassador Supply is an affiliate of Ambassador Enterprises, a performance driven private equity company.


  • Quality Structures, Inc (QSI) specializes in designing and building complete post frame buildings.
  • It is located in Richmond, KS with offices in Haven, KS, Scott City, KS, and Columbia, MO.
  • QSI was founded in 2003 by Reuben Esh and called Esh Quality Structures. Esh sold the business to then General Manager, Rob Pearce in 2010.
  • The company's post frame buildings are differentiated from the competitor's due to the QSI Advantage: more lumber and standard upgraded features in every building.
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