Business Owners - Radio Listening Behavior


The traditional radio listening behaviors of business owners in St. George, UT; Hobbs, NM; Alamogordo, NM; and Carlsbad, NM. Specifically what time they are most likely to listen to radio of the genres they listen to.

Early Findings

  • Around 81% of "self-employed business owners listen to AM/FM radio over-the-air or via a stream."
  • In terms of options, these business owners tend to listen to broadcast radio. Broadcast radio reach 93% of these self-employed business owners while Pandora reach 30% alone, Satellite radio reaches 18%, and Spotify reaches 17%.
  • US small business owners have a deep relationship with the radio stations.
  • Since US adults mainly listen to radio outside of the home, this listening mostly takes places during 3pm to 7pm (75%) and 10am to 3pm (74%).
  • In terms of listening hours, "7AM is the peak for full-time employed adults, with secondary peaks at noon and in the 3-5PM slot. For those who aren’t employed, listening is heaviest from noon to 3PM."
  • Business owners in the US tend to be white men.

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