Marketing App Pricing Evaluation


To find out what price company executives would be ready to pay to have access to a branded app that can be used to deliver documents, marketing material, guides, and other types of files to customers and prospective customers. The information will be used to evaluate marketing and sales strategies for a new business app.

Early Findings

Apps to Sell Digital Products

Marketing Apps

  • Aside from apps that can be used to share digital products, there is a multitude of apps used for marketing.
  • However, most of them do not provide features aimed primarily at delivering documents and marketing material, and are designed to manage advertising campaigns.
  • Examples of top marketing apps feature Buffer, used to schedule social media posts; Mention, which monitors social media mentions; and Ripl, which is used to created visuals.

Summary of Findings

  • After initial research for apps that can be used by businesses to deliver documents, marketing material, guides, and other types of files to customers, we found that the closest types of apps to this description would be apps used to deliver digital products, as marketing apps would not fit that definition at all.
  • If this is the type of app that is to be researched for pricing and features, this can be done with further hours of research by proposing a comparison between different ones including pricing and features.
  • If the aim is different, please provide us with more details to satisfy your needs in the best way.

Research proposal:

Only the project owner can select the next research path.
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