Company Analysis - Real Estate


An analysis of HqO, Lane, Equiem, Skyrise, The Hive, Comfy, Office App, and Bixby; specifically a list of their C-suite executives, their office locations, how they are funded, current scale and clients in North America, current clients in other parts of the world, whether they integrate Captivate and how, and the size of their sales force.

Early Findings


  • HqO operates in the US, UK, and France. The company was founded in 2017 and has one location, which is in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • The company's chief operating officer is Dan Koh, while its chief revenue officer is Mark Rosental, and its chief technology officer is Jim Butler.
  • Its founders are Kevin Mccarthy, Chase Garbarino - who is also the CEO, Jared Stenquist, and Greg Gomer.


  • Lane has its head office in Toronto, Ontario. It has two other locations; Brooklyn, New York and Denver, Colorado.
  • Clinton Robinson is its Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Rob Prince is the Chief Operations Officer of Lane.
  • Kofi Gyekye is a Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, while Rhea Claus is the company's Chief Client Officer.


  • Equiem was founded in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. The company claims it is now a "global leader in tenant experience for commercial real estate" with 214 employees.
  • It operates in five countries and is led by Gabrielle McMillan, who is also its co-founder. Steven Leong is the company's chief finance officer, while Julian Boot is its chief technology officer.
  • Jon Lesquereux is the regional head of the company's Asia Pacific, while Deborah Greenwood - Smith is its chief operating officer.


  • Our background research looked at HqO, Equiem, and Lane's c-level executives and its office locations.
  • Due to time constraints, the other companies could not be examined in the initial hour.
  • Further research will focus on the companies in this document (their websites are also in the document).
  • Please confirm that you mean the Captivate seen here.

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