Research Proposal

Business Themes of Cognizant CEO


  • Identify the main themes that Brian Humphries, the CEO of Cognizant, believes regarding business in general and his work with Cognizant.
  • Themes should be focused on how Humphries views business, thinks about growth and leading a business to success, and his philosophies for expanding Cognizant over time.
  • The above information will be used in order to gauge how to pitch a concept to Cognizant.

Early Findings

  • Brian Humphries, the current CEO of Cognizant, is originally from Ireland. On his profile located on Cognizant's website, the business states that they believe he brings a global business perspective to the company.
  • On Humphries' LinkedIn profile, he stated that he is a customer-centric and goal-oriented leader. He also explains that he enjoys partnering with other CEOs and C-Suite executives of other businesses on an international level to network and grow.
  • On June 11, 2019, Humphries wrote and published an article on his LinkedIn page that explained how he believes that diversity and inclusion are the keys to the future of business as a whole. He explains that his thought process behind this is the fact that, in coming years, Cognizant expects over 21 million new jobs to be created as a result of artificial intelligence and automation, which will force people to work together more to be self-aware and innovative.
  • Back when Humphries was CEO of Vodafone Business, he published an article on his LinkedIn profile that he wrote, where he stated that he believes "commercial success is tied to purpose, ethics and trust." He later said in the same article that he believes that personal and business experiences should be used to "strike a balance between human and machine" in the future.
  • In the press release from Cognizant announcing that Humphries was the new CEO of the company, the business also stated that Humphries was customer-centric and goal-oriented.
  • In June 2018, Humphries posted an article on his LinkedIn profile where he stated that he personally believes that evaluating and considering the social benefits of a technology the major key to success with customers.
  • Humphries believes that even everyday technologies such as smart watches can be used to benefit human life because of the ability they produce to report accidents and get help in times of needs. Humphries uses this as an example to show how important it is to consider the social benefit of any new technology that comes about.
  • In April 2019, Humphries published an article to his LinkedIn page where he talked about how inspired he was by the work being done by Cognizant India. He mentioned how he would return to India regularly to learn from their work and develop even more innovative ideas.

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