Research Outline

Recommender Engine Buyer Profile


To learn of the demographics--job titles, job profiles, job descriptions, seniority level, and decision-making ability--of recommender system buyers (both B2B Experience Optimization Platforms or B2B Digital Experience Optimization) in the US to create marketing collateral targeting them.

Early Findings

  • Emerging technologies will require investments in IoT, AI, machine learning, automation, and digital marketing/customer initiatives and the creation of new IT positions. "These new IT positions will require professionals who understand development, data and analytics, machine learning and AI. Ray Trygstad, professor of IT and director of undergraduate advising in the Illinois Institute of Technology's Department of Information Technology and Management," believes IT positions around recommender systems will be one such case.
  • Speaking of recommender systems, "Simon Rumble, head of data, analytics and CRM at Bauer Media Australia" said "If we are able to dig deeper into who those people are, which celebrity they are looking at and what kind of news story it actually is, we can start building up more detailed segments."
  • Chief technology officer of News Corp Australia, Alisa Bowen, believes that it "silly to serve up the exact same home page, site navigation and layout to" all of its monthly viewers. News Corp leverages "Unruly's ShareRank technology, an algorithm that measures the emotional response of a viewer when watching a particular video, and predicts the likelihood of that video going viral as a result."

Testimonials of Google's Recommendations AI

  • Oliver Herren, CIO, Galaxus --"We are steadily investing in data science and it is very helpful for us to be able to integrate and test different algorithms. Recommendations AI performs really well on our product detail pages and increased conversions and revenue significantly."
  • "At Digitec Galaxus, delivering a great online shopping experience to our customers is a top priority," says Christian Sager, Product Owner for Personalization at Digitec Galaxus.
  • "We wanted to deliver the same highly personalized shopping experience to our clients on our digital platforms that they receive in our physical stores," says Jaclyn Luft, Manager, Site Personalization & Testing at Sephora."
  • Peter Luu, Online Analytics Manager, Hanes Australasia --"Recommendations AI delivers extremely good data execution and shows how Google Cloud can turn data into real commercial value."


Based on client testimonials and commentary in industry-related sources, The CTO, head of data & analytics, and personalization managers make or influence purchase decisions related to recommender engines.