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C-Level Executives: Challenges and Concerns


To gather information regarding the top concerns and challenges that C-level executives face in order to understand what products to build to solve c-level personal concerns.

Early Findings

C-Level Executives Challenges (Non-Specified Gender)

Note: Since "nearly 80% of board members in large U.S. public companies are men," we assume that these surveys have a similar proportion of men vs women.
  • According to a group of Forbes Coaches Council, some faced challenges that executives face include making space for reflection, managing and communicating constant change, staying ahead of the competition, building a strong management team, creating safe and supporting environments, being overloaded by emails, staying relevant in social media, among others.
  • The top 5 challenges that executives face, identified by members of Forbes Councils, are generating revenue, finding time for their multiple tasks, leading a team, growth and strategy issues, and finding the right marketing strategies.

C-Level Executives Challenges (Women)

  • According to the Forbes Coaches Council, women executives face challenges that include having equal treatment at work, building a supportive sisterhood, generating revenue, being confident, speaking up, asking for money, and talking about their success, among others.
  • According to the CEO and founder of Acanela Expeditions, other challenges for women executives include attending a business meeting with more men than women, lack of access to funding, being stereotyped as emotional, and have a lower level of respect, among others.

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