California Short Term Rental Regulations


To fill out a spreadsheet that covers the commericial short-term (or vacation) rental regulations and general parking regulations for different cities and counties in California.

Early Findings

We have created a Spreadsheet according the specified criteria. The STR and parking regulations are separated into two different spreadsheets. We have included the cites/counties that had mising information in some of their cells and excluded those that do not allow short-term (or vacation) rentals.

City of Salinas

  • Commercial Short-term rentals: These are only allowed in a single-family dwelling (SFD), duplex dwelling (DD), or a multiple family dwelling (MFD).
  • Not allowed in accesssory dwelling units, guesthouses, tents, yurts, or recreational vehicles (RVs).

County of Alameda:

  • No zoning restrictions for single family uses.

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