California Types of Housing


To find the number for each type of housing in the major 5 top cities of California. The types are: Single Family  , Row Houses  , Condominiums  , Multi-Family  , Mobile Homes  , Apartments  , Tiny Houses  and Townhomes.

Early Findings

California Top Cities

  • California top cities by population include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, and Fresno.

Los Angeles

  • The city of Los Angeles has 1,457,762 total housing units.
  • Out of this total 1,364,227 are occupied and 93,535 are vacant.
  • 562,134 of the total, or 38,6% of total housing units are detached 1-unit houses.
  • 88,459, or 6.1% of total houses are 1-unit, attached structures.
  • 698,484 or 51.2% are housing units composed of 3 or more units.
  • 9,025 units are mobile homes.
  • 147,572 of total units have no bedroom.
  • 39,536 have 5 or more bedrooms.

San Diego

  • San Diego has 497,189 occupied housing units.

San Jose

San Francisco

  • San Francisco has a total of 392,000 housing units.
  • 358,772 are occupied units.
  • 74,072 are 1-unit detached houses.
  • 44,710 are 1-unit attached houses.
  • 239,198 units are apartments.
  • 792 are mobile homes or other types.


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