Research Proposal

Camfil APC Competitor Advertising


To gain understanding of the marketing campaigns for competitors of Camfil APC, in order to have an informed presentation for a meeting with the client.

Early Findings

Donaldson Torit — Downflo Dust Collectors

  • Advertisements for the Downflo Dust Collector can be found on YouTube, under the Donaldson company channel.
  • Additional advertisements were found on industry equipment websites, such as Toolots, Enviropro, Dust Collector Services and Contruction Equipment.
  • The most recent YouTube ad for the Downflo Dust Collector was November 27, 2017. Other websites advertising this equipment also showed the most recent ads being from 2017.
  • The Blackhawk Industrial catalog advertised the collection of Donaldson Downflo Dust Collectors in 2018.
  • Types of collectors advertised include the Downflo Evolution Dust Collector, the Downflo Oval Dust Collectors, and the Downflo Workstation Dust Collectors.
  • Evolution: with the primary focus being the use of fewer filters and leaving a smaller carbon footprint
  • Oval: uses filters with fine fibers, high efficiency, can be adapted to fit iCue technology, and long life
  • Workstation: high efficiency, can be adapted for iCue technology, high efficiency, flexibility, and long life
  • The following links show advertisement examples: Packaged Downflo Evolution, Construction Equipment Blackhawk Industrial.
  • Messages conveyed in the advertisements include ease of installation, reliability, aesthetics, reduced noise, having ownership costs lower, use of smaller equipment for convenience, and needing 40% less filters needed in comparison to standard collectors.
  • The company's YouTube advertisements now focus on newer technology, such as the Donaldson iCue Connected Filtration Service, which can be fit to some of the Downflo dust collector models.
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