Economic Development Assets and Opportunities : Campbell County, Wyoming


To provide an overview on Campbell County’s economic development assets and its economic opportunities.

Early Findings

Economic Development Assets:

  • The economy of Campbell County, WY employs 25,500 people with the largest industries being Mining, Quarrying, & Oil & Gas Extraction (employing 6,107 people), Retail Trade (employing 2,763 people), and Educational Services (employing 2,569 people).
  • The highest paying industries are Utilities ($86,429), Mining, Quarrying, & Oil & Gas Extraction ($79,590), and Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting, & Mining ($78,819).
  • As per latest available official data, the dollar volume of coal-n.e.c as an outward product of Campbell County, Wyoming was US$24.2Billion in 2015, followed by Crude petroleum (US$7.35B) and Fuel oils (US$5.14B).
  • Between 2000 and 2016 Campbell County, Wyoming attracted a significant volume of professionals and entrepreneurs to its economy as the most frequent reason given by new residents to Campbell County for moving to Wyoming were job related factors (65 percent). Job related factors included Job Transfers, New Jobs, Better Employment Opportunities, and Starting or Expanding a Business.
  • Campbell County also has the economic strength that comes from having a significant base of young workforce. The largest age groups for Campbell County are adults 25 to 44 years old (30 percent), notably higher than both the state average for Wyoming and national average for the United States.

Economic Opportunities

  • Campbell county is strongly on its way to diversify its economy. In 2019, the U.S. Department of Commerce awarded a Campbell County organization a grant aimed at diversifying the economy. This US$1.46 Million grant will go towards planning and construction of the Advanced Carbon Products Innovation Center in Gillette.
  • The objective of this center is to further strengthen and diversify the coal-based economy of the county helping various groups to develop carbon-based products and test whether the products could be successful commercially.
  • As the local government is actively trying to promote the area as a destination for advanced carbon research, opportunities for marketing, public relations, media planning and placement professionals are also on the rise in the area.
  • The economy of Campbell County is also expected to be bolstered from an improved infrastructure as the Wyoming Department of Transportation announced in June 2018 that over $120 million were budgeted for the State Transportation Improvement Plan, which was to be spent on over a dozen projects across Campbell County.

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