Research Proposal

Canada Vehicle Traffic Count


To build a list of solutions in Canada that count vehicle traffic in a location in order to understand the general vehicle traffic within the proximity of a location.

Early Findings

As we dove into background research on the subject, we gained the following insights:
  • Several companies in Canada offer solutions that help in determining vehicle traffic count.
  • Some companies we found offering the service during our preliminary research include Transtech Data, Sensortec Canada, ATS Traffic, Spotter Security, Urban Aspect, and Orange Traffic.
  • Each company offers a combination of different services but pricing for the services wasn't publicly available. The companies encourage prospective customers to contact them for price and any further detail.
  • Typical details these companies capture includes traffic counting, road violations, vehicle occupancy, vehicle classification, vehicle speed, surveillance, monitoring, among others.
  • In general, these solutions are geared towards different target markets, and what each can capture depends on the need of the target market. For instance, some companies that provide traffic count solutions are geared towards transportation departments and their solutions can automatically determine various traffic violations, while others are geared towards retailers and parking space owners and the solutions are also able to count people and vehicles entering a business premise.
  • The government of Alberta provides data on the average daily 2-way traffic volumes on Alberta highways free to the public. The data is updated annually and includes traffic volume on 6,900 points on Alberta's highway.
  • The free data from the government of Alberta includes data on traffic volume, breakdown of various vehicle classifications, and travel on Alberta highways. The data is provided for the entire highwas, control sections, and traffic control sections.
  • The municipality transportation department of major cities such as Calgary and Edmonton also provide traffic volume data within the cities and can be contacted for average vehicle count data in specific locations in the city.
  • We didn't find any evidence that Google provides this data in real-time, however, if the location is listed on Google maps, data on the number of visitors that found/visited the location via Google map's traffic counter is provided. The traffic count for the last 7, 30, or 90 days is provided on the dashboard of Google My Business listing of the company.
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