Canadian Back-to-School Market


In order to inform a potential entry into the back-to-school market in Canada, provide an industry analysis of this industry that includes an analysis of the players in the market, a breakdown of the market segments, and information on when and how consumers shop in this market.

Early Findings

Information on the back-to-school market in Canada is limited, but available. However, all sources group expenditure on primary/secondary back-to-school items and post-secondary back-to-school in the same market. As such, unless otherwise stated, information below pertains to both primary/secondary back-to-school and post-secondary back-to-school.


  • Top players in the Canadian back-to-school market include Amazon, Apple, and Walmart.
  • No information was found for new entrants to the Canadian back-to-school market, nor were any additional retailers besides Amazon, Apple, and Walmart mentioned.

Market Segments

  • Key products segments mentioned most in back-to-school advertising in Canada were clothing, school supplies and tech. Specific products include Macbook computers and iPads, shoes (specifically Sketchers), locks, headphones, and, strangely enough, slime.
  • Average spending broken down by product category for back-to-school in 2017 were: Clothes: $187 CAD; Supplies: $95 CAD; Shoes: $92 CAD; Beauty: $60 CAD; Backpacks: $47 CAD.

Consumer Behavior

  • Planned expenditure for Canadian parents on secondary back-to-school items was $412 CAD and $318 CAD on primary back-to-school items in 2017.
  • This expenditure increases to $1,630 CAD for university student back-to-school purchases.
  • 92% of Canadian consumers plan to purchase new clothing as part of their back-to-school spending.
  • Canadians prefer to shop for back-to-school "as early as possible." However, 21% of back-to-school shoppers hold out for "the very last minute."
  • 32% of parents in Canada start shopping for back-to-school two to three weeks before school is scheduled to begin.
  • 67% of Canadians plan to do some of their back-to-school shopping online.
  • 97% of Canadian parents involve their kids in back-to-school shopping, "from bringing them along in-store (67 per cent), to picking out products (66 per cent) and letting them make the shopping list (58 per cent)."
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