Canadian brands that successful market their Canadian identity and clear positioning


To compile a list of Canadian brands that have done well in expressing their Canadian identity alongside clear product benefit or positioning.

Early Findings

  • While we could not find any pre-compiled lists of Canadian brands that communicate both their native roots and robust brand positioning, by analyzing several lists and articles, we were able to find some great examples meeting these criteria.
  • Molson Canada have a 150-year history of advertising their Canadian-ness and product quality.
  • Tim Horton's is known worldwide as a Canadian powerhouse brand, and their marketing has led them to even compete with coffee giant Starbucks.
  • Canadian Tires ran a "We All Play for Canada" campaign that evoked its national identity, while its "House of Innovation" campaign showed why the store can be a one-stop-shop for Canadians.
  • Roots is a brand that is described as its Canadian-ness "permeates every product, good and advertisement that Roots releases". Their marketing also showcases their products positioned as robust, rugged and suitable to Canadian's unique weather and outdoor activities.
  • WestJet grabbed attention in 2017 with its April Fool's #MostCanadian campaign. While ultimately a spoof, the campaign showcased that the airline's Canadian roots are what leads it to offer "kind, friendly service at a fair price."

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