Canadian Car Culture Research


To provide a profound understanding of the Canadian automotive landscape including psychological differences between a Canadian mindset in the automotive space versus the American mindset.

Early Findings

Canadians Attitudes on Cars

  • According to Ipsos research, Canadians are emotionally attached to their cars. They view their cars as more than a way to get them from one location to another.
  • According to the research, 77% of Canadians "agree with the sentiment that their car reflects who they are". Others (59%) are passionate about their vehicles/motorbikes/trucks.
  • Given a choice, the majority of Canadians would prefer to continue using their present cars.

Canadian Vs American Mindset

  • According to PR Newswire, an average American driver drives for about 10 hours a week while an average Canadian "drives for 380 hours per year " (less than 8 hours per week).

Research proposal:

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