Canadian Children's Book Market


Understand the competitive landscape of children's books in Canada. The information will be used to understand Indigo's position in the market.

Early Findings


  • In 2017, 40% of all the books sold in Canada were for juvenile readers.
  • Around 20.5 million books for young readers were sold in 2017.
  • The value of books for young readers went down by 5% from $295.8 million in 2016 to $303.3 million in 2017.
  • Online sales made up 52% of the total book sales in 2017.
  • Around 26% of book sales were done in chain stores.


We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:
"Book Stores in Canada - Industry Market Research Report" (IBISWorld, $825)
If you'd like us to purchase this report on your behalf, just let us know!

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research shows that the specific market size data of the key Canadian book retailers are not all directly available. Given that, we propose continuing the research to provide any available market size statistics and triangulated data points that are specific to the key retailers indicated (Walmart, Amazon, Indigo, Mastermind, Toys r us, Costco, and Scholastic). For each retailer, we will provide any available data or triangulated data points on figures that are specific to the Canadian children's books market. This can include revenue, units sold, and market share. The focus will be on the Canadian market.
We also recommend undertaking more research to provide a full competitive analysis of the Canadian children's books retailers mentioned. For each company, we will provide an overview of the company, product or service offerings, competitive advantage, and target markets. We will provide these data points on a spreadsheet.
We also propose undertaking additional research to provide the market size of the total Canadian children's books industry. We also recommend doing additional research to provide the market growth of the total Canadian children's books industry.