Research Proposal

Canadian Travel Regulations for Packages


To figure out whether someone can travel with a package to Canada for work without it being opened, or if they could ship it.

Early Findings

There is no information to support that any package arriving in Canada, either by personally carrying it or by shipping it, will not be opened. We would assume this is due to the concerns of drugs and terrorism.
  • Customs in Canada is allowed to open all international mail to check for drugs and there is no regulation stating they will not open packages that arrive in customs from a flight.
  • However, they have to request permission from either the sender or the recipient to open mail weighing 30 grams or less, which usually consists of letters or other private or business correspondence. If no permission is received, the mail is returned to sender.
  • Canadian Customs makes no statement saying they will not search any package that comes through.
  • Air Canada policies refer the user to Canadian Customs.

Shipping Packages to Canada

  • Any item valued over CAN$20 is subject to duty and tax fees and a $9.95 handling fee.
  • The cheapest way to send a package to Canada through UPS is by UPS Standard, which delivers to all Canadian provinces directly to your recipients door. Rates for UPS Standard to Canada do not include customs clearance, and duties. A current breakdown of fees may be viewed here. The USPS will walk a customer through the proper forms as they fill out the calculator for their package.
  • When using FedEx, their International Ground service is the cheapest way to ship to Canada. FedEx claims on their site shipping to Canada is faster through their International Economy service. A current and complete breakdown of fees may be viewed here. FedEx will walk a person through the proper forms they need to fill out as they complete the calculator for their package.
  • breaks down the charges to mail a package by company. A ten pound package has the following rates:
  • Budget Economy- 6-12 days, $39.99
  • FedEx- 1-4, or 5-10 days- $48.99
  • DHL Express- 1-4 days- $67.99
  • UPS Expedited- 1-3 days- $93.20, and 2-8 days, $90.13
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