Research Outline

Marijuana Cultivation Market in the US


To determine the number of marijuana growers in the US and the average volume grown by type of grower to guide future strategic planning and decision making.

Early Findings

Number of growers

Growing Area

  • In 2018, the average size of the cannabis canopy for a company was 25,600 square feet. In 2019, the average size was 34,700 square feet, while in 2020 the average size is 44,300 square feet.

Projected growth

  • The forecasted growth of the US cannabis industry is up to $80 billion. Wall Street’s top cannabis analyst, Cowen Vivien Azer, projects that the cannabis industry in the US alone will grow to $80 billion by 2030.

Commercial Report

  • Grandview Research publishes a report on the legal marijuana market size 2020 – 2027. It can be ordered here for $5950.

Summary of early findings

  • We spent the first hour of research trying to determine whether there is any information available on the illegal marijuana market. While the legal market information is available in the public domain, illegal is not, meaning that all parts of the request cannot be completed.
  • We are not surprised that the information for the illegal market is not available, as it is primarily an underground market with an incentive not to track transactions.
  • Due to time constraints, we were only able to provide limited information in the early findings.
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