Research Outline

Cannabis Education Competitive Landscape (2)


Identify additional B2C players in the cannabis education industry and the details of each, including major investors, funding amounts, unique selling/value proposition, niche, leadership team members and, go-to marketing strategy.

Early Findings

  • is an online, evidence based cannabis platform. They offer online articles, as well as "modules" that users can take to earn points.
  • FLI Safe, the awareness campaign of cannabis company Nutritional High, is "a cannabis awareness program focused on promoting responsible cannabis consumption and cannabis education via sourced research for cannabis consumers." The campaign utilizes both online content and offline events.
  • GrowWise Health is an online cannabis education platform focused on providing information about medical cannabis for patients and healthcare providers.
  • HelloMD is a large online medical cannabis community. The platform offers education, products, and medical consultations.
  • LEARN by WeedMaps is an online education platform that focuses on "essential topics and laws relating to cannabis." The platform specifically targets consumers.
  • Enlighten offers technology solutions for cannabis education, including Enlightened TV, which is a flat-screen TV installed in cannabis dispensaries that plays cannabis education content.