Cannabis Education Competitive Landscape


To identify additional players in the cannabis education industry and the details of each, including major investors, funding amounts, unique selling/value proposition, niche, leadership team members and, go-to marketing strategy.

Early Findings

  • Green Flower is an educational company specifically focused on educating people about cannabis.
  • Green Flower offers a membership, which allows access to a variety of educational videos on Cannabis, as well as an Academy, which offers certificate programs for people wanting to work in the cannabis industry.
  • THC University offers online cannabis certification programs and calls itself "The top cannabis training school."
  • Green CulturED is another online cannabis training school. They offer certificate courses developed by industry experts currently working in the cannabis industry.
  • Trichome Institute is a cannabis education company focusing on certifying Interpeners, otherwise known as cannabis sommeliers. They also offer other courses, such as a course for people working in cannabis sales.
  • Cannabis Training Institute offers online training for dispensary technicians along with medical marijuana and health and safety training for cannabis workers.
  • The Cleveland School of Cannabis offers some cannabis certificate programs. Students can choose to take courses online or in person at the campus in Cleveland, OH.
  • Cannabis Training University claims to be "the only cannabis college with a complete curriculum that covers all areas of the industry."
  • Healer Certified offers online cannabis training courses developed by Dr. Dustin Sulak, a cannabis clinician who is a board member with The Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research identified 8 companies in the online cannabis education space, including Green Flower, THC University, Green CulturED, Trichome Institute, Cannabis Training Institute, Cleveland School of Cannabis, Cannabis Training University and Healer Certified. We propose continuing the research to provide information on the courses/certificates offered, major investors/funding amounts, unique selling/value proposition, niche (if applicable), key leadership team members, go-to marketing strategy, price point or revenue model, and strategic partners of each.
There are also some universities offering degree programs focused on cannabis. These were not included as they are full degree programs rather than certificate programs and therefore do not seem to be direct competitors to Green Flower. However, if you are interested in information on these programs, we could provide a list of 3-4 universities offering such programs, any specialties they offer related to cannabis, cost of their programs and whether programs are offered online or in-person.