Canned and Bottled Wine


Obtain an analysis of the canned vs. bottled wine industry in North America, with a specific focus on the US, Canada, and Mexico. Specifically, the percentage split between the two formats, as well as companies which sell one or both.

Early Findings


  • In 2019, glass bottled wine dominated the market accounting for 87% of dollar sales from stores and alternative packaging including cans made up 10%-13% of dollar sales from stores.
  • The California wine industry accounts for 81% of United States wine sales and is heavily invested in by Gallo Glass.
  • According to market research, locally made glass bottled wine is more popular with brands that are focused on sustainability.
  • Glass seems to dominate the industry with reports claiming "Consumers continue to see glass as best for taste, an eco-friendly package, and superior for creating premium and specialty experiences."
  • In 2017, wine accounted for 8% of North American glass packaged products.


  • Ardagh Group is a North American wine bottle manufacturing company that invests in innovations in packaging and design.
  • O-I is a leading North American glass manufacturer that claims to provide superior, innovative bottling solutions for wine brands that cannot be replicated by third-party companies.
  • Saverglass has facilities in the United States and Mexico serving wine, tequila, and rum markets.

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