Research Outline

Car Buying Experience: First-Time Parents

Early Findings


  • Identify and detail the user journey for a first-time parent that is buying a new car.
  • Identify the most highly trafficked websites for first-time parents that are looking to buy a new car.
  • The overall goal of the above points is to understand the process by which first-time parents buy a new car, and where they go online to do so.


  • has an article that specifically lists cars that are great for first-time parents. Cars listed include the 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV, the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, and the 2018 Ford Flex.
  • Autotrader has a car buying guide that is designed for new parents. In the guide, it talks about the four criteria that first parents should keep in mind when buying a car for their new family: safety ratings, interior design, cargo room, and value. The guide also contains a built-in research system to allow shoppers to research cars by make and style to find one that is a good fit for their needs.
  • According to the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), approximately 59% of people looking to purchase a car do most of their research online, and 65% will spend about 3 weeks doing so. Of these online researchers, 59% typically start their research on a third-party website and eventually end up with a specific model they want through a dealership site.
  • Video marketing is becoming more popular in the process of online car research, as 56% of car buyers believe they could be convinced to purchase a car just from seeing a 360 degree video of it online.
  • Research by Weve Automotive indicates that 57% of people browse for cars on their mobile phone for inspiration, 59% will compare prices on their phone, 61% will search for nearby dealerships and book test drives on their phone, and 9% will make a purchase using their phone.


Information and data that is specific to first-time parents that are looking to purchase a new car is extremely limited. Most data pertains to people in general that are looking to buy a new car, and info that is directed towards first-time parents is more focused on advice and recommendations, not so much user journeys and which websites they use. As a result, we recommend the following options:

1. Identify the overall, typical journey that people buying a new car follow, from start to finish (not just first-time parents). (3 hours, $87)

2. Identify what percent of the population that buys new cars are first-time parents (3 hours, $87).

3. Identify which websites are most popular among people in general that are looking to buy a new car (3 hours, $87).

4. Identify which car brands and vehicle types (SUV, sedan, truck, minivan, etc.) are the most popular among first-time parents when buying a new car (3 hours, $87).

TOTAL: (12 hours, $348)

Please confirm if we should continue with all or some of the requests stated above. Also, please respond to the clarification questions below so that we can more accurately fulfill your request.


1. What geographic scope are we focused on here? Or to restate, where should the first-time parents be physically located in the world? U.S.? Europe? A specific state? etc.

2. Is there a certain type of car that first-type parents should be looking to buy (i.e. SUV, sedan, minivan, etc.)?