Customer Journey: Car Insurance


To understand the customers of the car insurance market in the United Kingdom by conducting a study that would include information related to pain points around car insurance, and drivers & barriers in a customer journey.

Early Findings

Stage 1: Discovery

Stage 2: Evaluation

  • Around 71% of car insurance buying decisions of people in the United Kingdom are influenced by recommendations from family and friends. However, a larger group (about 88%) of the British of millennial buyers consider family and friends recommendations while buying car insurance.
  • About 67% of the British car insurance buyers spend a couple of hours researching the product.
  • Of all, around 77% of UK auto insurance buyers give importance to the quality of service when choosing the insurance provider.
  • Further, only 35% of generation X in the United Kingdom would consider customer reviews for reliable information when buying car insurance as compared to 54% of millennial buyers who do the same.

Stage 3: Purchase

Proprietary Research Database

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