Research Outline

Car Insurance for Young Adults


To provide data on car insurance considerations for young adults; including information showing that they show that have a shorter consideration period for purchase, prefer direct to consumer insurance models, as well as information on what they consider and what engages them in the car insurance buying journey

Early Findings

Car buyers in their 20s are more likely to ‘play the field’ vs being loyal to one company, and less likely to stick with their usual insurer when the time to renew comes. This is thought to be related to millennial distrust of large companies and institutions.

Millennial car owners tend to be less engaged with their insurance carriers, with only 31% classified as fully engaged, compared to 41% of other age groups.

Millennials are also typically less profitable as related to that engagement, as they are less attached to the purchase of auto insurance altogether.
Millennials prefer fast processes around buying and renewing insurance, looking to acquire information on their policy quickly.
They are also less likely to want to engage in a face-to-face with an agent in order to purchase their insurance policy. Only 34% of millennials purchase car insurance from a local agent, with more likely to purchase online or over the phone.

Car insurance isn’t a top priority, with only 16% of millennials thinking insurance is actually necessary, and only 64% of drivers between age 18 to 29 having auto insurance.
Millennial drivers also feel that rates should be based on driving behavior, vs. other factors like age, gender, or credit score.

They also are most willing to pay more for car insurance that includes technology for theft tracking, location services, automated emergency calls, and breakdown notification service.
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