Carbon-Free Toilet Paper


The goal is to find out if there are any carbon-free toilet paper brands.

Early Findings

  • Rebel Green offers completely carbon-free toilet paper. It costs $1.59 per roll.
  • Their toilet paper is made from bamboo, which can be grown in 3 months. This is much faster than trees, which take about 30 years to mature.
  • Reel Paper also offers 100% bamboo toilet paper. It costs $30 for 24 rolls.
  • Seedling, by Grove Collaborative, offers 100% bamboo toilet paper as well. It costs $8.95 for 8 rolls.
  • Seedling's toilet paper comes packaged in completely plastic-free packaging that is made from recycled materials.
  • While it doesn't state that they are carbon-free, Caboo offers toilet paper made from bamboo and sugar cane. It costs $19 for 12 rolls.
  • Caboo's toilet paper is completely bio-degradable. They do use plastic in their packaging, but it is made out of recycled materials.

Research proposal:

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