Career College Industry: Trends and Threats


To identify the trends and threats that are shaping the career college industry in order to anticipate the market needs and also shore-up the experience current students have.

Early Findings



  • One major concern when addressing career colleges is this; "Any scheme for vocational education which takes its point of departure from the industrial regime that now exists, is likely to assume and to perpetuate its divisions and weaknesses, and thus to become an instrument in accomplishing the feudal dogma of social predestination." This statement was made by Dewey in 2010 but it is still a concern today.
  • Career colleges have the burden of preparing students for a dynamic, fast-changing, and global labor market.


  • With the high costs of college education, many students are opting to attend trade schools instead. Trade schools cost much less and one has a higher chance of getting a better paying job faster when compared to their counterparts in college.
  • A survey carried in high schools across the US revealed that one in five is considering attending trade schools in lieu of college.
  • Generation Zs are constantly picking career schools over college. They are more interested in opportunities that allow them to earn and learn at the same time. They are disinterested in learning for four years in a row and then looking for employment.
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