Cargo Bikes


To understand the global and US market size, projected growth, and major players in the cargo bike market to help a fundraising pitch.

Early Findings



  • The cargo bikes market is projected to grow at a 14% CAGR from 2018 to 2026.
  • E-cargo bikes are seen to be a great alternative to about 20% of delivery vans operating in some large cities.


  • Rytle has developed a machine-to machine communication wherein couriers can work with smart glasses and provide information about the location and status of a certain package. The technology used by Rytle helps in using this information to track a shipment online.

Proposed next steps:

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Based on our background research, the available information is mostly on a global scope. However, we recommend continuing the research to include more information about the global cargo bikes market, 1) market size, 2) growth projection, and 3) 2-3 major global players including further research on their features and usage.
In addition, we propose a deeper dive in the cargo bikes market in the US to include 1) market size 2) growth projection; and 3) 2-3 major players in the US including further research on their features and usage.
We also recommend identifying 2-3 major trends driving the growth of cargo bikes in the market, including 1-2 examples of companies at the forefront of using this trend 1) globally and 2) in the US.