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To find 2-3 case studies of organizations who showcase their thought leadership content on a single landing page or website. For each case study identified provide: 1) the name of the company, 2) a link to its website, 3) why the case was chosen, 4) an analysis of how the content is organized and presented and which channels it is presented on (including social media), 5) 2-3 topics that are often the subject of their content, 6) engagement metrics (such as that from social media or similar). The examples chosen should be organizations that not only show blog/article/video content, but also their news/press releases and similar types of content (e.g. speeches, recordings...) Overall, examples of organizations that are showing/featuring these various types of content all on a shared landing page (all the different types of content presented on a single page).

Early Findings

Deloitte Newsroom

  • A link to the organization's website can be found here. A link to the landing page can be found here.
  • Deloitte's Newsroom landing page was chosen because it features various types of thought leadership content combined with news/press content including analysis pieces from Deloitte's leadership, insights, press releases, perspective pieces, and a Twitter feed.
  • On the landing page, the content is organized into blocks, featuring the content's title and a synopsis. Some blocks feature an image and all the blogs feature one category tag for the content (e.g. press release, analysis, insights, perspective, etc). The blocks are not organized by content type and ultimately have no clear order. The blocks are in different shapes with some vertical and shortened and some horizontal and elongated, so they ultimately appear to be stacked and side-by-side. Only some content blocks have a call-to-action, but all the blocks are clickable and link to another area of the website, be it a separate/different landing page of content or an individual piece of content. Surrounding the blocks are various other items for a user to explore including contact call-to-action links, category/browsing links, links to other content landing pages, and call-to-action link to 'My Deloitte' (a personalized/customized content browsing portal). At the bottom of the page, a call-to-action to contact the company is alongside an embedded Twitter feed with a call to action to 'join the conversation.'
  • Deloitte shares its thought leadership content on Twitter, where it has 126.2K followers; on Instagram, where it has 109K followers; on LinkedIn, where it has over 4.782 million followers; on Facebook, where it has over 1.526 million followers; and on YouTube, where Deloitte US has 20.2K subscribers. It also appears that Deloitte has multiple social media channels for various segments of its business so their overall following is even larger than the figures presented above.
  • Industry/market trends and economic/business analysis are often the subjects being discussed in this organization's content.
  • Twitter Engagement: Deloitte US has acquired 4,799 likes across 16,637 Tweets.
  • Instagram Engagement: Deloitte's Instagram gets an average of 445 likes per post and an average of 4.72 comments per post.
  • YouTube Engagement: Deloitte US gets between 4 million and 5 million video views per day.
  • LinkedIn Engagement: On LinkedIn, many of Deloitte's posts get hundreds of reactions and at least a couple of comments.

Results of Early Findings

  • One case study was compiled using first-hand website analysis, content analysis, and social media metric databases.
  • To locate the landing page, primary research had to be conducted across the websites of various organizations.
  • Additional research needs to be conducted to carry out research for and compile 2-3 more case studies.

Research proposal:

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