Case Study: Successful Billboards Advertising


To provide case study of brands that successfully used billboards to increase awareness and/or revenue. This will help build a traditional advertising strategy.

Early Findings


  • In 2018, Spotify hosted an in-house ad campaign to announce the Spotify brand to the physical world. The campaign technique was to anonymously release the company's user data in a comic fashion using billboards and posters.
  • Spotify took to the streets to out their users weird and beautiful habits but in an anonymous jesting way.
  • The posters contained Spotify's "2018 goals for their users but based around the perceived thought processes of specific (but anonymous) users. This kind of personable image has been done a lot on social media by companies, but less often in this format."
  • The statements were combined with quotes alongside famous music artists like Kendrick Lemar, Ed Sheeran, and Adele. The billboard background had red, vibrant pink and green colors, making them noticed above anything else around.
  • The campaign was hosted in other languages beyond the English language, allowing Spotify to add another dimension of localized content to the campaign.
  • Spotify also leveraged the campaign to draw potential new customers. "How they did this was an offer of 0.99$ for your first three months on their premium services, which has no Ads and a larger collection of music. This was a brilliant way to gain new customers as that was a significant saving of 90% when push comes to shove."
  • The campaign was tagged as a massive success as the brand was lifted out of the digital space to the physical.
  • Also, its revenue tripled in Q1 2018, with Q2 seeing them list themselves on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
  • It also saw a rise in subscribers, beating its expectations by reaching 83 million premium members.

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