BLE Beacon Technology


To provide case studies of businesses that have used BLE beacon technology to improve experiences of visitors/customers. The report will be used to formulate strategy for rolling out a new product.

Early Findings

South Texas History Museum is an example of an organization that is using BLE beacon technology.

South Texas History Museum

  • South Texas History Museum was built in 1910 and was known as the Hidalgo County Historical Museum. The museum was opened in 1967 and chronicles the "heritage of South Texas and Northeastern Mexico".
  • The museum is leveraging the use of BLE beacon technology to interact and learn about the museum.
  • BLE beacon technology provides the museum with the ability to "provide wayfinding and the blue dot experience to museum visitors".
  • Visitors use the technology within the museum app to get walking "directions to whatever they want to see". This helpful to new visitors and those with physical impairments.
  • The technology is also beneficial to the staff as they are given ample time to focus on their work instead of helping visitors to reach their destinations.
  • The BLE beacons base on location to trigger events such as "video of historic events, a mock-up of what steamships looked like traveling down the Rio Grande River, or a reenactment of what life was like in earlier times".
  • The use of BLE beacon technology provides South Texas History Museum visitors with a deeper and contextual experience that is better than any single exhibit.

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