Marketers Preparation For Recession


To gain an understanding of how well marketers were prepared for the recession in 2008 as compared to today so as to write a whitepaper on how brands can "recession-proof" their businesses in today's economy.

Early Findings

Proposed next steps:

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From our initial research, information on the effect of the 2008 recession on marketing is available. Consequently, we recommend focusing the next part of research on 1. marketing strategies that marketers and marketing firms can use to recession-proof their businesses, 2. case studies on the effects of the 2008 to the marketing industry, 3. analysis of the marketing industry's preparation for a recession now vs in 2008 i.e. how are marketers feeling now vs in 2008 and how has technology helped marketers prepare for the effects of recessions now vs in 2008.
Alternatively, we can focus research on creating 2-3 case studies on the preparation of the marketing industry to a recession in 2008 vs today as a potential recession is looming in late 2019/early 2020.