Tourism Destinations: Increasing Repeat Visitors


To obtain case studies of tourism destinations that have increased their rate of repeat visitors over a measured time span. These case studies should include information on the marketing tactics used by the tourism destinations. This research would be used in helping destinations to be more effective in their marketing/advertising in order to promote repeat visits.

Early Findings

  • According to a survey of repeat tourists conducted by Skift Research, people who return to a destination tend to expand the activities that they participate in. Among the repeat tourists surveyed, only 27% said they carried out the same activities as they did during their first visit.
  • The majority of respondents, 73%, said that they "incorporated at least some different activities into their vacations when they returned to a destination."
  • In terms of specific activities, shopping and trying new food and drinks are the two activities that most repeat travelers do more whenever they return to a destination.

'Only in Dubai' Initiatives

  • In January 2019, Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing announced that it would be rolling out a set of initiatives in order to deliver end-to-end experiences to customers. According to Dubai Tourism, these “Only in Dubai” experiences will ensure that tourists enjoy an unforgettable stay in Dubai and are encouraged to become repeat visitors.
  • Through these initiatives, Dubai Tourism promised to offer its visitors “regular unexpected delight moments and active reduction of detractor moments or pain points that will positively impact guest happiness to inspire the millions of tourists to re-visit Dubai.”
  • Some of the tactics that would be leveraged to attract and retain visitors in Dubai include providing diverse experiences and segment-based activities for tourists. Ultimately, the aim is "to curate, create and deliver personalized end-to-end experiences."
  • At every step of their journey, visitors will enjoy memorable moments, starting from the time they begin to plan their trip to Dubai till after they have traveled out of the destination.


  • Within the first hour, our background search has provided insight into the habits that are common among repeat visitors at destinations, as well as some tactics that Dubai is using to attract and retain tourists.
  • By selecting one (or more) of the proposals in the next section, the research team can provide specific case studies of travel destinations that have successfully boosted their rate of repeat visitation. Also, best practices for retaining visitors, motivations for repeat visitation, and pain points would be provided (if these options are selected).

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