Research Outline

Cashew Nut Exporting


To understand the global import market for cashew nuts from Mozambique, specifically the SWP (Small White Pieces), LWP (Large White Pieces) and BB (Baby Bits) grades.

Early Findings


  • Go4World Business offers a list of importers from various countries, but the company names are hidden. However, this page offers a list of companies that want to buy LWP grade cashews, while this page targets SWP grade.
  • India appears to be a large market for cashews and cashew pieces, with the country no longer exporting cashews to meet domestic demand, meaning they may be in need of foreign exports


  • IndiaMart is an importer of cashew nut pieces, including LWP and BB



  • Mozambique has exported $66.69 million in cashews in the last year.
  • Mozambique exports mainly to India (42.6%), followed by the United States (28.8%) and the Netherlands (12.6%).
  • The Minh Khang Company exports cashews from Mozambique, and John Nguyen is another Mozambique cashew exporter.
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