Casper Sleep Company


The goal is to find examples of Casper Sleep's key themes and highlights from press coverage.

Early Findings

  • Wired talks about Casper Sleep expanding into the tech industry with their new smart lamp that automatically brightens to wake a person up. They also mention that this shows how Casper wants to move to becoming a "lifestyle" company.
  • Fast Company talks about Casper's new bedding products, also saying that Casper is expanding past selling only mattresses. Like with the lamp, their goal is to help people get better sleep, which they say requires more than just a mattress.
  • TechCrunch mentions Casper's vision of becoming an "end-to-end sleep company", a theme that is mirrored in the above articles. They continue the expansion theme by talking about Casper's plan to expand overseas.
  • Retail Dive talks about Casper's partnership with Target, creating an exclusive mattress and sheet set. This move works for Target as well by fueling their campaign to offer "differentiated merchandise".
  • Forbes talks about Casper's newest marketing tactic: The Dreamery. It's a store where people can not only buy their mattresses, but actually sleep on them in 45-minute nap sessions.

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