CBD Market Analysis


To uderstand the CBD market globally and by country, including the market size, the market growth, the countries that allow CBD (online and in brick and mortar), best-performing CBD brands, best-performing CBD infused vitamins and food supplements, biggest legal obstacles to produce and sell CBD products, the biggest scientific obstacles for CBD products, the most successful CBD products marketing cases, the next big trend for CBD infused products, demographic statistics for key CBD consumers, a list of all the investment funds, investing in CBD start-ups, a summary of successfully implemented crowdsourced CBD projects, areas of the CBD vitamins and supplements market that are not currently being addressed by existing startups and/or established companies, and an assessment of trends in the CBD industry around regulatory outsourcing.

Early Findings

CBD Market Size:

Global CBD Market Growth

  • 2019: $6,967.06 million.
  • 2020: $15,716.3 million.
  • 2021: $35,452.82 million.
  • 2022: $79,974.47 million.
  • 2023: $180,406.41 million.
  • 2024: $406,960.79 million.

US CBD Market Growth

  • Using this CAGR Calculator, we calculated the US CAGR from 2019 and 2023 values. CAGR = 47.55 %.
  • 2019: $5 billion.
  • 2020: $7.38 billion.
  • 2021: $10.89 billion.
  • 2022: $16.06 billion.
  • 2023: $23.7 billion
  • 2024: $51.59 billion.

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