CBD and Cannabis Products: Canada


To understand the regulation of the sale of CBD products in Canada. To determine legislation around how pharmacies provide cannabis products and whether fashion and beauty products are leaning in.

Early Findings

  • A lobby group consisting of pot producers, drug companies, pharmacists and retailers dubbed their initiative; Common Initiative.
  • This group has managed to ensure that medical marijuana will now be sold in pharmacies.
  • Pharmacists are the best people to dispense and advice on medical cannabis as they have the expertise for this.
  • They are the best option to ensure the safety of patients and the public.
  • An event dubbed On A High organized by the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA) and sponsored by the Business of Cannabis, is the launch of what will be an annual event that envisions cannabis as a meta-category that will infiltrate countless business sectors.
  • This event is the intersection of cannabis, fashion, and beauty. It was held in downtown Toronto.
  • This is a grand move as cannabis moves from bottom corners of labels to center stage!

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research has revealed that there is information on this topic for the geographic scope of Canada. For this reason, we propose additional research to provide 4-5 insights into how pharmacies and pharmacists across Canada are selling/providing/handling medical cannabis, the legislation process, and the legal implications.
Additionally, we will provide 4-5 insights into how fashion and beauty brands are responding now that CBD has become legalized in Canada. These insights will address potential partnerships, legislation and legal implications, products that incorporate cannabis, and whether brands are talking about cannabis on various social media/media outlets.
Alternatively, we will provide 2-3 insights on pharmacies and pharmacists and 2-3 insights focusing on fashion and beauty brands. These will still address the various parameters explained above.