Research Outline

CBT Apps for IBS


To create a SWOT analysis of Zemedy and Nerva in order to identify their features, strengths & weaknesses, and white space/opportunities.

Early Findings


  • Zemedy is "the world’s first digital therapeutic based on CBT for IBS and is in testing in private beta."


  • "Zemedy is an evidence-based, multicomponent psychotherapeutic application that IBS patients can use to self-manage their condition."
  • The product is personalized to fit a user's needs, enabling them to choose features that best fits them.
  • The app has a digital AI Coach named Elle, which guides users through a 10-week CBT program to help users manage their symptoms and stress. Zemedy also uses the most effective psychological therapies for IBS: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT for IBS) and gut-focused hypnotherapy.
  • It has tracking features that provide patients and physicians with the data necessary to map lifestyle/symptom patterns.
  • "It also disseminates standardized and up-to-date information about IBS, allowing patients to discern fact from fiction around their syndrome."
  • The features available on Zemedy "address all the physical, psychological, chronic, and abrupt facets of IBS symptoms, and allow patients to effectively self-manage their condition."


  • Zemedy provides the patient with a several of treatment options, while still offering quality.


  • "Users who are searching for specific resources or tools for diarrhea may not like having to interact with a chatbot."



  • Nerva is a "scientifically-proven gut-directed hypnotherapy program for IBS designed by Dr. Simone Peters."
  • It offers 15-minute hypnotherapy sessions each day for 6 weeks to help users manage their symptoms from home, without drugs or diets.
  • It also offers on-call gut health experts to answer in-depth questions.
  • Users are assigned a doctor or psychologist, the app includes a biography section detailing their credentials.
  • The app also features a chat bubble at the top left screen where users can leave comments or questions with customer service representatives.


  • Dr. Simone Peters led a clinical trial with Monash University that found her approach was just as effective as the gold-standard low FODMAP diet.


  • Users can explore the first week of the program for free, but then they will need to pay $87.99 for a 3-month subscription. After payment, the remaining weeks and aftercare of the hypnotherapy program are unlocked."


  • For the initial hour, we were mainly able to identify some early insights on the Zemedy and Nerva apps and found some insights on their features, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • We can continue the research to create a full SWOT analysis for these apps to further explore any opportunities or threats.
  • Other Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) apps, specifically those used to treat IBS did not appear immediately available in this search. However, we did find CBT apps which are used mainly for other mental health concerns. Please let us know in a comment below if CBT apps for mental health is a research path of interest.
  • Additionally, information on the white space/opportunities in the CBT app for IBS space did not appear immediately available in this search. Based on the initial research on Zemedy, it is the world’s first digital therapeutic based on CBT for IBS.
  • In the course of our research, we also came across other IBS apps, which might also be of interest. We can continue the research to identify other apps for IBS (in general), as this may be helpful in later determining what opportunities are available in the IBS space.
  • Feel free to add or select an option below.