Alternative to CDMO


To determine the alternatives to using a CDMO and how the alternatives compare in terms of services offered and value to pharmaceutical companies. In addition, to find out whether the alternative to CDMO is in-house manufacturing and how companies decide whether to use a CDMO, handle production themselves, or use a third alternative.

Early Findings

  • While there is a lot of information available regarding alternative approaches used by CDMOs such as Continous Manufacturing (CM) and batch processing, how companies make the "buy/outsource" vs "make" decision, how small vs large companies select a CDMO, the pros, cons, and challenges of outsourcing to CDMOs, and solutions to overcome the challenges of outsourcing to CDMOs, not much information exists about alternatives to the CDMO approach itself.

Modular Manufacturing


  • In 2011, the US-based Biologics Modular started leasing its mobile production facilities to help pharmaceutical companies in manufacturing drugs without using fixed plants or outsourcing to CDMOs.
  • The company leased its modular plants to BioPharm, a research park innovator that needed access to an affordable and flexible GMP production capacity.
  • Biologics Modular pitched their modular plants as an alternative to using CDMOs that can help companies temporarily install manufacturing plants on-site instead of outsourcing production.
  • Once constructed, these modular plants can be assembled and relocated anywhere, including a leased industrial warehouse.
  • "When the plant is no longer needed, it can be decommissioned. In most cases, Biologics Modular handles its removal."


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