Research Outline

CEO Information


To find the LinkedIn accounts, articles on LinkedIn and other websites, and interests related to leadership and culture for the six CEOs in order to use the research for sending personalized invitations to a conference.

Early Findings

All the publicly available information on the topic has been incorporated into the attached spreadsheet.


  • Shantanu Narayen does not have a LinkedIn account. However, his interests have been presented in the spreadsheet.
  • Although Sanjay Mehrotra has a LinkedIn account, he has not posted any articles himself. All the articles related to him are posted by Micron Technology.
  • Similarly, Greg Brown and Al Kelly don't have LinkedIn accounts. However, their interests have been presented in the attached spreadsheet.
  • Sanjay Mehrotra and Al Kelly have not talked much about leadership and culture.
  • Although Reed Hastings has a LinkedIn account, he has not published any article on LinkedIn.

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