US CEOs: Universities Attended


To identify the number of CEOs produced from the top universities in the US, and to collect a sample of US CEOs and the universities attended.

Early Findings

  • Based on LinkedIn results, the number of CEOs (past and present, and based in the US) that have been produced by the top 10 universities in the US are as follows:
1. Princeton University: 2000+
2. Harvard University: 6000+
3. Columbia University: 3000+
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 4000+
5. Yale University: 2000+
6. Stanford University: 6000+
7. University of Chicago: 2000+
8. University of Pennsylvania: 3000+
9. Northwestern University: 3000+
10. Duke University: 2000+
  • The universities attended by 10 current US CEOs (random) based on LinkedIn information are as follows:
1. Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan Chase & Co.): Harvard Business School
2. Steve Mollenkopf (Qualcomm Incorporated): University of Michigan
3. Marillyn Hewson (Lockheed Martin): University of Alabama
4. Adam Neumann (WeWork): Baruch College
5. Julie Sweet (Accenture): Columbia University Law School
6. Larry Fink (BlackRock): University of California, Los Angeles
7. Brian Tyler (McKesson): University of Chicago
8. Sonia Syngal (Gap Inc.): Stanford University
9. Lynn Good (Duke Energy Corporation): Miami University
10. Miles D. White (Abbott): Stanford University

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