Research Outline

Ceramiracle Overview


To provide a brief overview of the organizational structure and global outreach of Ceramiracle. Also, to provide a brief overview of few of its products and insights on how Ceramiracle markets/advertises its products.

Early Findings

  • Ceramiracle is a nutricosmetics brand based in Santa Monica, California. It specializes in developing and marketing innovative and ageless skincare solutions for all skin types, irrespective of age, gender, culture, and skin color.
  • Ceramiracle's current CEO is Eugene He, while Derek Bowen is the company's President.
  • Ceramiracle currently has 45 employees in its payroll, and its revenue was $9 million, as per latest market figures.
  • The headquarter of Ceramiracle is at 1541 Ocean Avenue #200, Santa Monica, California, 90401, United States of America.
  • Ceramiracle has its international offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.
  • Ceramiracle ships its products to all places within the United States. It also has a wide international outreach wherein it ships to most countries except Afghanistan, Cuba, Hong Kong, Iran, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Palestine, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Western Sahara, and a few other islands. The complete list of countries in which Ceramiracle does not ship its products can be found by accessing this link under the FAQ "Do you ship internationally?"
  • Ceramiracle markets its whole-food inspired supplements for the skin and body under the name O'Cali Nature. Two products under the O'Cali Nature brand name are Brighten Up veg capsules and Cuddly Dreams veg capsules.
  • Brighten Up veg capsules contain a blend of Phytoceramides, Olive Leaf Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid that lock the skin moisture and keep the skin hydrated, bright, and glowing. A pack of Brighten Up supplements contains 30 capsules and normally sells for $22 on Ceramiracle's online shopping portal.
  • Cuddly Dreams veg capsules contain a blend of Chinese Jujube, L-Theanine, Tart Cherry Juice, and GABA that help to keep the body relaxed and calm and assist in getting a good night's sleep. The Cuddly Dreams supplement does not contain melatonin and is non-addictive. A pack of Cuddly Dreams supplement contains 60 capsules and normally sells for $18 on Ceramiracle's online shopping portal.
  • Ceramiracle sells its skincare products under the name First Light. A very popular skincare product in this category is called "The Serum." It is a plant-based phytosqualane serum containing 99.5% natural ingredients that protects and nourishes the skin. The product has received all 5-star ratings (21 reviews) on Ceramiracle's website and a 30 ml bottle normally costs $89 on Ceramiracle's online shopping portal.
  • Ceramiracle sells its eye-care products under the name FlowerBerry. The "Eye Illuminating Supplement" under this brand name is made from chrysanthemum flower, schisandra berry, goji berry, and kale powder, besides Lutein. The veg capsules bring relief to tired and dull eyes, treat dark circles, and protect the eyes from the harmful blue light of electronic gadgets. A bottle containing 30 capsules normally sells for $55 on Ceramiracle's online shopping portal.
  • True Bright is the name of Ceramiracle's skin brightening and protection supplement range. The True Bright "Skin Brightening Supplement" veg capsules are made from cherry blossom extract, olive hydroxytyrosol, and tomato extract. The capsules enhance the natural beauty and brightens the skin. A bottle containing 30 capsules normally sells for $75 on Ceramiracle's online shopping portal.
  • When it comes to marketing/advertising its products, Ceramiracle harps on its cruelty-free, natural, and vegan policies to attract more customers. One way that Ceramiracle achieves this is through its online blog that publishes new information on natural ingredients and products. The blog also has an interactive feature wherein visitors can choose the topic on which they want to get more information, like skin care, collagen, dark spots, anti-aging, and exfoliation, among many others.
  • Ceramiracle sends its new products for review to reputed third-party media giants like Forbes, Vogue, Yahoo, InStyle, and The Hollywood Reporter, among others. Ceramiracle collects all reviews and updates its website to attract more customers. By regularly keeping its brand name updated in the public domain through third-party reviews, Ceramiracle has managed to stay in the business.
  • Ceramiracle has managed to sell its cruelty-free products in China and APAC through innovative strategies like selling through free-trade zones and using stockless pop-ups. Under the "stockless pop-ups" method, samples are distributed among customers. If the customer wishes to purchase, they have to scan a QR code that will complete the transaction. The product(s) will then be delivered through the free trade zones or from Ceramiracle's fulfilment center in Singapore.