Research Outline

Ceramiracle Overview


  • To obtain information on Moon Juice and competitors including a link to the company Facebook Ads library, key value propositions, and marketing copy. Data should be formatted according to the given example.

Early Findings

Competitor 1:

Moon Juice

Facebook Ads Library:[direction]=desc&sort_data[mode]=relevancy_monthly_grouped

Key Value Props

  • Uses a team of highly trained, passionate, and educated alchemists
  • All ingredients go through three rounds of testing to ensure they are pure, unadultered and free of toxins. Ingredients are environmentally friendly and cruelty free.
  • Ingredients are bioactive and bioavailable. "No fillers, no fluff."
  • Plants are harvested at their peak potency, ensuring formulas have high concentrations of clinically proven ingredients.

Marketing Copy

  • Unstress on a cellular level
  • Be nourished, never stripped
  • Perfect essentials you'll never quit
  • Bioactive. Bioavailable. Vegan.
  • Don't let stress, stress you out
  • Cell food for good skin
  • Foster a healthy immune system by managing stress and using plants for support where you need it.
  • Daily rituals lead to profound shifts
  • Example of a recent print ad has been added to the attached document.


  • Joyome offers premium skin care products including serums and collagen.
  • The Ordinary offers a skin care line and regime using the latest in clinical technology.
  • Dr. Loretta, created by an experienced dermatologist, offers a line of skin care using medical grade actives and botanical ingredients.


During our initial hour of research, we were able to:
  • Provide the link to Moon Juice's Facebook Ad Library.
  • Provide key value propositions for Moon Juice.
  • Provide a list of ad slogans and themes in recent advertising by Moon Juice, including an example of print copy.
  • Identify three additional competitors of Ceramiracle.